DIY Dog Toy- From shirt to toy


Soon I will be adopting a puppy, so I wanted to start getting things ready for its arrival. I had this night shirt that I don’t wear anymore just sitting in a drawer so I decided why not turn it into a dog toy.


What you will need:

a shirt

a ruler

a pen or marker

fabric scissors


Turn the shirt inside out. Using the ruler as a guide for spacing, trace along the top and bottom of the ruler until you have nine lines. Cut along these lines to get eight strips.

loop and knot

Fold one strip in half and insert it through the loops of six strips then tie it into a knot. This will hold it together and give your toy a handle

20150822_093502 - Edited

Divide your strips into 3 even sections so that you can braid the strips together.

20150822_094359 - Edited

When you are about halfway through the braiding process, tie the strips into a double knot. This will give your toy some added strength and give it an extra little something for your dog to enjoy. Continue braiding the rest of the way down. When you reach the end, take your last strip, fold it in half and insert it through the loops and tie it in a knot like you did earlier.

20150822_095712 - Edited

I like to roll the handle strips in my fingers to get them to wrap themselves together (they won’t stay this way permanently).

20150822_095810 - Edited

Before you know it, you’ve turned that old shirt into a toy for your dog to enjoy.